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In general weight-loss supplements offer hopeful results that make you a believer in a brighter, skinnier future, but after the re-occurring failure, believing in a beautiful body is harder then ever. We have taken on the challenge to make everyone a believer in a beautiful self again, with our fat burning, appetite suppressing and metabolism boosting products. Slimfy is a new approach to weight-loss and healthy lifestyle.

Slimfy's custom formulas

Made in the USA with first-rate, premium quality ingredients. Slimfy's products are held to the highest standards in nutrient production. Our research team has dedicated countless hours conducting analyses of our formulas, to find the perfect balance. Working with some of the leading nutritional scientists, we've created what many consider to be the elite supplement line in the market today. 


Tollerance Buildup Explained

People who regularly take supplements or medication develop a phenomenon called "tolerance". Physical tolerance occurs when an organism builds up a resistance to the effects of a substance after repeated exposure. Decreased quantity of the substance reaching the site it affects. This is usually caused by.
In other words, tolerance is a reduced response to repeated administration of the same dose or increase in the dose is required to produce the same magnitude of response. Once we begin to take supplement on a regular basis the dose response goes down - the same dose of medication produces less effect than it used to.


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