Fake Review Websites ...The Hidden Scam

Have you ever visited one of those? If so, you must be thinking: “it’s a great idea!” - Warning customers about possible scam and pointing  them in “the right direction?”. What could possibly be wrong with that?​

How do we even know that these people that have supposedly researched any of the diet pills on the market, are who they say they are? It is nothing but the person behind the website, just a marketer who tricks customers from buying one and into another (their own) product.


Here is how their scam works:

1. Companies A, B, C, D etc. spend $$$ to present their products to the potential customers.

2. Fake review sites: optimize their websites to come up in search results when A, B, C, D keywords are looked up.

3. Customers "like yourself" before making purchase, search for the above keywords and end up on fake reviews websites being offered "better product, one that actually works" .. .That product is sold by the review site, usually from another website. Pretty clever, you'd think. Yes, but also illegal, thats why they are hiding behind practically anonymous, companies offshore.

You still don’t see how this is a scam? … maybe these people don’t know what they’re talking about but they’re not harming anyone? ..not exactly.

Whenever they reject any product coincydentally you will be offered  similar one. One that these “experts” deem to be the better option… Again do they just do this out of the goodness of their hearts? ... nope they do it because they get paid for it.

They couldn’t care less about which products are good, which products are bad, ingredients or price range. They will promote their own products or those that pay them the most. The most laughable thing about this website is no matter what product they give a negative review, they always offer you the same but "better" option at the end.

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